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Frisbee Hat adaptor

Functional and fashionable
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Have a frisbee? Tired of carrying it? Worried that if you set it down you will walk off without it? Or that some rapscallion will snatch it and throw it on the roof?

Watching a frisbee game with the sun in your eyes? Want to shade your eyes with your hand but worried people will think you are saluting? Happen to have a spare frisbee?

Worry no more! The Frisbee Hat Adaptor consists of 2 suction cups connected by an adjustable strap. Affix the suction cups on the underside of the frisbee at opposite points on the outer edge. Put the frisbee on your head, put the strap under your chin and vwalla! A fashionable and functional hat!

bungston, Jun 18 2016

What I expected the frisbee hat would look like - with a removable centre, itself a frisbee https://www.youtube...watch?v=DXimpt75VS4
[calum, Jun 24 2016]

Opera hat http://top-hat.wikia.com/wiki/Opera_hat
baked [Voice, Jun 28 2016]


       What happens if it's windy ... ?   

       Hmmm ... Frisbee "mortar board" for aeronautical engineering graduates ?
8th of 7, Jun 18 2016

       I am bunning this for the use of the word 'rapscallion'.   

       However, another option occurs to me. Given the correct plastic and some origamiesque annular creases, there is no reason why it wouldn't be possible to create, say, a serviceable top hat that collapses down to form a viable frisbee.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 18 2016

       That would make for an Odd Job.   

       Brim full of ideas, as the saying goes.
8th of 7, Jun 18 2016

       I just love the fact there is a "fashion: hat: flight" category
smendler, Jun 22 2016

       The strap could be permanently attached to the Frisbee with spring-loaded retractors. Also maybe a chin cup.
smendler, Jun 22 2016

       I think the weight would alter the properties of the Frisbee. Plus a removable device could be attached to other things one might wish to use as a hat. A pane of window glass, for example.
bungston, Jun 22 2016

       I love it. If you could use it with the frisbee inverted then that would be really dapper too.
bhumphrys, Jun 23 2016

       Inverted! You are a style thought leader, B!   

       An inverted Frisbee would also more easily contain and retain decorative items: action figures, flowers, miniature liquor bottles, marital aids. Perhaps a diorama featuring all of the above.
bungston, Jun 23 2016

       //origamiesque annular creases//   

       That's some pretty fancy word slingin' there cowboy.
doctorremulac3, Jun 23 2016

       Beware of slipped discs.
AusCan531, Jun 24 2016

       Milliner's synclines. Or anticlines. In fact, if you had a machine to put them in with, that would be anticlinomatic.
lurch, Jun 25 2016

       I like top hats. [+]
Voice, Jun 28 2016


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