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Floor path clearer

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Your floors a mess and you just got done taking a shower. You forgot to turn the light on in your room before you took that shower and now you face the daunting task of crossing over your cluttered room floor to find the light switch. You know your bound to step on something or trip over clothes or stub your toe.

This is where the Floor Path Clearing robot comes into play. The day you buy the bot you program it to run a designated path a certain number of times each day.

The bot is simple, tank treads for traction, a radio locating beacon and a carpet plow. A flashing red light on top lets you know where the bot is when its running. After the bot has run its pre-programed path it returns to its charging station.

The result is that your most familiar path through your room is kept clear at all times. Saving you from doing the work of pushing the debris out of your way to safely navigate to your bed.

I have labeled this idea as a weapon because it is one. A weapon that helps the lazy fight the organized.

Antegrity, Jan 21 2006


       //the daunting task of crossing over your cluttered room floor to find the light switch. //   

       I'm sure they must exist, but I've never heard of a room that doesn't have a light switch at the door as you walk in. Call an electrician or clean your room.
benfrost, Jan 21 2006

       Yes the switch turns on the fan light, which in order to turn off i have to get out bed. The light most used is the reading light on the desk next to my bed.
Antegrity, Feb 01 2008


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