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Flame Tosser

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A flame thrower with the end curved upward and with the ability to vary the pressure at which the flames are tossed. Now you can gently lob flames over a wall instead of only spewing them in a straight line.
notmarkflynn, Feb 14 2006


       I'm confused...does the flame tube reach over the wall, or does the flamethrower actually launch flaming liquid into the air? If the latter, then why not just aim up?   

       I like fire, but bone for improving a horrific weapon.
sninctown, Feb 14 2006

       If there's a wall there, why would you want to send flame over it when you can't see what's there? Sounds like a way to incinerate fifty children and a few kindergarten teachers to me, but you can report them as three senior Al Qeda gunmen and a large group of insurgent supporters if you like.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 14 2006

       /gently lob flames/ - works for me!
bungston, Feb 14 2006

       From the war footage and commentaries I've seen, the whole point of flame throwers is that the flames will flow around objects and into cavities. So I don't think you're doing anything that hasn't already been done.   

       And soldiers have long had the means to gently lob grenades, incendiary or otherwise, over offending walls.
DrCurry, Feb 14 2006


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