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flash glove/gauntlet

blinds opponent when you strike them in the face
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I recently bought a good pair mechanic's gloves and had an idea for the Flash Glove/Gauntlet.

Small but bright LED's or some kind of fiber optics filament woven into the glove itself. Either or, would both have to be impact proof or resistant. On the cuff of the glove a band of small batteries that power the lights. The light source would be restricted to the knuckles, tops of the fingers, and finger tips. To avoid blinding the user. When you wear the glove and have your fingers extended the circuit isn't completed and remains off. but when you clench your fist it lights up with amazing intensity. blinding your opponent as you hit him. Of course I would include an on/off switch as well.

You could also make the glove power itself, by using the energy of the strike to power a bio luminescent gel layer. But I personally like the above "optional" version more.

I did some research and it seems this "idea" has been patented, but there are key differences. my idea stems not from a maintenance perspective. but a self defense perspective I would classify this type of weapon as Non-lethal. But in reality any one can be beaten to death.

I know a version of this same concept was patented but I still wanna know how my idea sounds. Combat effective? practical? Yes?/No?

Aeolus, Mar 27 2010




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