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Bright LED "painter" tells oncoming drivers to turn off their fog lights
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Most drivers using fog lights don't know they're blinding oncoming drivers. When you flash them they don't understand why. I think they need to be told. But how? Why not have a bright LED "word painter" in the front (and back too?) of your car. You've seen these before. As long as there's motion, the LEDs "paint" words on your retina. So, when an offending driver comes your way you could hit a switch and the LEDs would fire off a message that the oncoming driver could read. "Turn off your fog lights" or something to that affect.
drshock, Feb 22 2002


       Guess I should have read the FAQ, my first time writing. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe this is the wrong place for me to be talking.
drshock, Feb 22 2002

       Should I still delete? Or is this an idea worth keeping?
drshock, Feb 22 2002

       first, put your idea in car: communication. then compare it to the ideas in that category. if it sounds similar (i believe this discussion has taken place before) then you could delete it.   

       and welcome, btw. it's always nice to have a newbie who follows the rules and is polite.
mihali, Feb 22 2002

       [recategorized per mihali's suggestion]
bristolz, Feb 22 2002

       Now that it's an idea, it seems safe to stay. It is quite similar to some ideas already here, however (though not precisely the same).   

       One factor: often the distances between your car and the approaching foglight car are so great that the words could not be read. Plus the driver would have to see past the glare of your own lights to read the message.
waugsqueke, Feb 22 2002


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