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LED Wipers

Say something to the man who cut you up.
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Put LEDs on car Windscreen wipers, (in the same method as fans that display text) so that when they move backwards and forwards they print messages on the screen - invisible to the driver but visible to the rest of the world...

Add a pad of commonly used phrases to the dashboard - ie. Hey you! - Hey baby! - That space is mine - Cut me up and perish.. etc.

Danzarak, Feb 25 2002

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see also links on this page [sappho, Feb 25 2002]

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[sappho, Feb 25 2002]

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"redundant - a very similar idea already exists on the halfbakery. Any idea involving back windows of cars and LEDs spelling out messages is likely to earn this tag." [angel, Feb 25 2002]


       Fair enough if pre-baked... do think its more similar to the fans I mentioned, than to the attached links, as the method to project these lights is already in place with the wipers moving... but fair enough anyhow.
Danzarak, Feb 25 2002

       Never been cut up in the car (thank goodness), but as has been implied the premise is quasi-baked and HalfBaked. You can buy configurable LED displays for your car, though I know of none that are incorporated into the wipers. I doubt they move fast enough to get the job done.
phoenix, Feb 25 2002

       Recategorized. This one is at least slightly original, in that it works on the front instead of the back.   

       Phoenix, just in case: 'cut up' is UK for 'cut off'.
StarChaser, Feb 25 2002

       [StarChaser] Thanks, didn't know that.   

       And I'm glad to see [jutta] took some of us up on the offer to assist. Anything to stay in the game.
phoenix, Feb 25 2002

       Winshield wipers do not move fast enough to do what you are thinking.
BJS, May 26 2006

       Speed 'em up then. Bun.
wagster, May 26 2006


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