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Foie Gras Élpier

For times like these...
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There are times when even the most respectable of houses must make do with less than a complete staff. In these hard times austerities may begin to show "in the plate" so to speak. If you are in the perilous place of having to "let go" your personal chef, please allow the Betté Rochceré Institute help you experience continuity in your lifestyle. Your guests need never know that they are getting the "tiny white glove" treatment. Even if your indulgence has never strayed into the realm of food manufacture your family needn't forgo the little necessities.

Foie Gras Élper

Simply mix spice packet A with 1/4 lb. cured goose liver in a shallow serving dish and sprinkle with morceaux de pomme de terre (packet B) then squeeze the contents of the white wine sauce (packet C) over the top. Faire cuire au micro-ondes for 3 minutes on the highest setting and serve. Serves three as an entree, five as a side.

WcW, May 20 2009

Foie Gras Sushi http://nymag.com/da...on_and_order_a.html
[jaksplat, May 21 2009]

Some fine Foie Gras recipies http://www.gourmetf...cipes-foie-gras.asp
Potatoes, veal, spices, sauce, etc. [WcW, May 21 2009]


       For someone who liberally sprinkles French words in your idea you should know that an entree is a starter dish, smaller than a main.
simonj, May 21 2009

       Ewww, hot microwaved foies gras does not a good recipe make.   

       Perhaps, after separating and melting into a disgusting bubbling pool representing the wasted suffering of les animaux 'elpless, Le Chat might be interested, but not me. [-]
zen_tom, May 21 2009

       foie gras is rarely a main dish, a side is smaller than an entree.
WcW, May 21 2009

       Dear gods, man. You have no idea at all!   

       First, what on earth are spices doing there? Second, the potatoes are a mystery. Third, how did white sauce get in on the act?   

       Do you actually know what foie gras is?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 21 2009

       The idea of having cheff food paked like kool aid it's poetical: Like the vagabond dressed on a skewed tuxedo- Still playing the part of being rich, even when he is starving. I love the image of it, fitting perfectly on Terry Guillian's "Brazil" universe. It's a slap to Status Quo. It's shurley baked, thoug. //Au Micro-Ondès// HEHE!
noyola, May 21 2009

       Yes, i am acquainted with the delicacy, in it's many forms and as a component of may dishes. Improper preparation can turn something fine into something wretched. Such a shame that those who cannot cook, or afford a personal chef, must now live without this delight.
WcW, May 21 2009

       //Terry Guillian// - Vraiment un directeur Francais!
wagster, May 22 2009


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