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Fear Factor TV Dinners

The play at home game for Fear Factor lovers...
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I'm constantly amazed at what people will do for money.

I was recently sitting, having a beer at one of my favorite places when the TV changed to an episode of Fear Factor.

It was one of those episodes where people are eating bizarre and frequently disgusting things. Not being someone who enjoys that kind of thing, I finished my beer and chicken wings while looking away from the TV.

Funny thing though, not everyone was so disgusted.

Since then, I have discovered (much to my amazement) that there are people out there who seem as though they would rather enjoy eating that kind of thing.

Behold! The Fear Factor TV Dinner! (AKA "The Play at Home Version).

These would be traditional packaged TV dinners (foil on top -- with holes poked in it in the case of "live" menu selections) but with contents similar to the crazy things found on the TV show.

These could be unlabeled so that the contents would be a surprise... or they could be labeled with just a category. Bugs. Worms. Rotting stuff. You get the idea.

I'm still working on a list of menu selections, and while I'm sure several varieties are likely to contain fishbones, I don't think any will have croissants.

zigness, Mar 07 2004

Fear Factor gummi candy: Slimy Octopus http://www.stupid.com/stat/FEAR.html
"It has a sweet blueberry and lemon flavor, but it's hard to appreciate when you're gagging and dry heaving." [jutta, Mar 07 2007]

Fear Factor snack food: Crunchy Larva http://www.candydir...-Crunchy-Larva.html
Spiced and coated, freeze-dried worms. Comes with chopsticks. [jutta, Mar 07 2007]

Fear Factor gummi candy: Frog Legs http://www.candywar.../gummyfroglegs.html
With candy frog bones and dipping sauce. Sour apple flavor. Does that actually gross anyone out? [jutta, Mar 07 2007]

Fear Factor gummi candy: various http://candyaddict....my-pig-out-platter/
The Frogs Legs and Slimy Octopus just sound icky, but have normal candy flavors. At least some of the candies behind this link have unusual flavors that people don't normally like. [jutta, Mar 07 2007]


       You get my croissant. You never know what poeple will eat just because it's a new product. I on the other hand wouldn't buy it. I'm sure it would be popular at drinking contests.
Japanese_Coffee, Mar 07 2004

       i'd buy it and proabably eat most of the food, provided of course that it was all safe.
engineer1, Mar 07 2004

       Hate to say it, but, this would probably sell. Maybe market your own hi-protien bug diet.
Basil2, Mar 07 2004

       Perhaps you could have stuff that just looked disgusting. Might have to in order to get it to market past the FDA (in the US, anyway).
bristolz, Mar 07 2004

       Anybody who lives off conventional TV dinners should already have the alarm bells ringing. "I am incapable of preparing even a basic meal without the aid of an electrical device, probably with automatic settings which avoid taxing my culinary non-skills. I have not the faintest idea how to light a fire or find, grow or catch edible items and certainly cannot cope with the preparation of said edibles for consumption. In the event of the collapse of civilisation, or even a power cut lasting more than a few days, I will die of starvation. I am, in effect, still sucking on a titty."
(NB: I disapprove of TV dinners)

       Another alternative for making Fear Factor TV dinners would be to simply erase the sell-by/use-by date. Scary.
squeak, Mar 08 2004

       //It was one of those episodes where people are eating bizarre and frequently disgusting things. Not being someone who enjoys that kind of thing, I finished my beer and chicken wings while looking away from the TV//

Speaking as a vegetarian I've got to say that I find a certain irony in that statement.

Unlabelled boxes would contravene food labelling laws so that's a non-starter at the moment and I suspect that the only people who's mouth would really be watering at the prospect of this would be ambulance-chasing lawyers.

<obligatory Python reference> The Whizzo Chocolate Selection.
DrBob, Mar 08 2004

       I'm guessing contestants on Fear Factor have to sign some godawful release form before appearing. You might end up having the first food item with a shrink wrap license agreement.
krelnik, Mar 08 2004

       Sold, ziggy! [+].
Letsbuildafort, Mar 08 2004

       I didn't think of it at first, but this would put a new twist on the old saying, "I guess I'll just go eat worms."
zigness, Mar 11 2004

       How would they stay alive? Don't most small critters die quite quickly in a box without food and water?
kropotkin, Mar 11 2004

       You never know until it's opened.   

       Fear factor??? Is this the one where they eat creepy crawlies like in france???
denathor-phyromaniac, Mar 12 2004

       just goes to say how much tv has gone down the drain if there are shows on which people eat bugs.   

       but worse is the fact people watch them.   

fabull, Mar 12 2004

       I like the idea. Not that i would eat any of it. We buy bottled water because we cant seem to do tap water. Wonder where they get the bottled water........from the tap I spose. People will buy anything because they do it on tv. We could start with roaches as an entree since they dont seem to die very easy.
bobbiet, Sep 02 2004

       I had a similar idea last night. In my idea, though, it would be a restaurant serving normal foods prepared to look like Fear Factor nasties. For example, steamed red onions carved into cockroaches, peeled grapes for eyeballs, etc. Much of it similar to Halloween party snacks of my youth...   

       It would give folks the thrill while remaining in their comfort zone. I figured it would be tres chic in NYC.
drzeus, Apr 20 2005

       [drzeus] - Except for one thing ... who wants to eat a steamed onion? Personally i'd go for the cockroaches.
Mrlemonjelly, Nov 27 2005

       This became a big trend in 2005; not as a TV-dinner, but as various forms of gross-out candies under the Fear Factor brand. There was stuff that sounds gross (Frog Legs) but tastes just fine; feels gross (Slimy Octopus); has gross ingredients (Crunchy Larva); and then there's a series of four gummi candies that actually are a challenge to eat because of their flavoring. Their packaging looks a bit like a TV dinner, too, especially of the Pig Platter - if a TV dinner were two inches wide and made out of gummi.
jutta, Mar 07 2007


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