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Fonduermostatic forks

Thermo-sensitive cutlery.
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One of my favorite meals with friends is sharing a charcuterie board.
We've stepped it up to include a raclette, (I totally endorse them btw), and fondue. The problem with fondue is that you either need one for meat or risk the chance of getting salmonella or trichinosis while cooking vegetables in the same pot.

Enter Fonduermostaticnicity.
Your fondue fork now uses a temperature difference to create electric potential enough to light an LED in at the base of the handle when your meat is cooked.
An adjustable bimetallic strip thermostat lets you adjust the setting for chicken beef or pork to light up when at optimal chosen temperature.

No batteries required.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raclette [pocmloc, Mar 21 2021]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fondue [pocmloc, Mar 21 2021]


       Dishwasher safe.   

       I knew I was forgetting something.   

       + A yummy bun to go with...
xandram, Mar 21 2021

       How did we live without it? +
xenzag, Mar 21 2021

       At this point we half expect an annotation from [MB] explaining that dishwasher safety has been upmost in his mind ever since his last dishwasher was knifed by the under- footman, followed by one from [8th] to point out that *his* dishwasher is perfectly safe because of the sentry gun, but he never runs it because the vibration interferes with the aim.
pertinax, Mar 21 2021

       According to that fount of all truth and wisdom, both fondue and raclette are forms of melted cheese. SO I don't quite get the meat and veg thing. Are you thinking of soup, stovies, stew, or something similar?   

       Also, yes, [a1] that is a good link but it is hardly of the kind of quality tableware we expect around here. Where is the bone handle, the sterling silver tines, the velvet-lined case to store it in? It also seems to have numbers on its display rather than a simple "too hot / too cold" indicator as proposed in the idea.
pocmloc, Mar 21 2021

       We usually fondue with either vegetable or chicken stock and save the raclette for cheesy melty goodness.   

       A nice meal idea but you're short a couple fries.
AusCan531, Mar 22 2021

       Nice one, fries man.
blissmiss, Mar 22 2021

       Raw meat is not a problem*, infected meat, well that depends.   

       *excess is always a probem.
wjt, Mar 23 2021


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