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Food + Foosball. What's not to love?
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A Foodsball table is shaped just like a normal foosball table; However, there are a few crucial differences. For one thing, every Foodsball table is refrigerated. This is because, instead of small plastic men on rods, the game of Foodsball features small men made out of sausage. These sausage-men are impaled on skewers, so the table is essentially covered in shishkebabs. The vegetarian version features figures made from celery and carrots.

Gameplay is the same as normal foosball; grapes, tomatoes, and olives can be used as balls, based on personal taste. Winner gets to have a second helping in the feast that follows the game.

DrWorm, Sep 07 2010


       [+] for sausage, but [-] for vegetarian version.
swimswim, Sep 07 2010

       What if the tired players enjoy a relaxing post-game bath of ranch dressing?
DrWorm, Sep 07 2010

       //refrigerated// No, *heated* So the shishkebabs get cooked during the game. Players should be famished, and maddened by the scent of roasting meat. If you get the olive in the goal then you're allowed to eat it. You're also allowed to eat one of your own shish-kebabs, but of course that handicaps you, so self- control is an advantage.
mouseposture, Sep 08 2010

       Yes! Yes! A brilliant addition to the game, [mp].
DrWorm, Sep 08 2010

       + for hot and cold tables! and frozen for the ice-cream version!
xandram, Sep 08 2010


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