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Documentation of your faux pas
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A simple website for documenting occasions where someone's foot ended up in their mouth and a method for voting and commenting on said occasions. Preference would be for anonymity for those items that are not entered by the one doing the eating.

Currently that domain is for sale at about $2500...I don't know if it's actually worth that.

toodles, Sep 17 2010

a bit more generic http://fmylife.com
[FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2010]

VDM http://www.viedemerde.fr/
What does it mean that the French did this first? [mouseposture, Sep 17 2010]

Learn From My Fail http://learnfrommyfail.failblog.org/
Pretty much as described [csea, Sep 18 2010]


       Good link FT, baked enough.
toodles, Sep 17 2010

       Today I posted an entire idea about how cool it would be to have a website with short little stories about how my life sucked only to have FML.com thrown in my face and my idea deleted. FML.
daseva, Sep 17 2010

       Isn't this called Hansard or something?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 17 2010

       +1 seeing as the link appears broken. hello toodles!
po, Sep 17 2010

       link fixed
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2010

       How about a site documenting times when someone's foot **literally** ends up in their mouth. Much more exciting, in my opinion.
DrWorm, Sep 18 2010

       Hi po, thanks for the bun.
toodles, Sep 20 2010


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