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A website for people to proclaim life, love, happiness...
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There is an army of websites out there devoted to the mini-blog, and this is one of them.

Twitter is for daily status, stallscribbles is for randomness and rants, fmylife is for funny stories, etc. etc.

This idea is simply another similar website, wholly devoted to letting users post their most positive moments in the digital flesh. In this day and age, it's not okay to go running down the hallways, screaming out of the car window, hugging the random passers-by, and the like. However, let our passions be reclaimed as the good people of the world once again shout! fromtherooftops.com

daseva, Sep 09 2009

Gives Me Hope http://www.givesmehope.com
Opposite of FML [tatterdemalion, Sep 09 2009]


       It's not really being shouted from a rooftop is it? It's just as reliant on someone giving enough of a shit to check it as your twitter updates.
I want a website where for a fee you can arrange for your message to be shouted simultaneously from many rooftops in one city, county, country, or even many continents (depending upon fee).
Then the entire world really could know how much you love your girlfriend/hate your boss.

Also, when did it become unacceptable to proclaim your feelings loudly? I fear I may have been commiting numerous faux pas.
kaz, Sep 09 2009

       Oooh... yes, your idea is better, [kaz]. Anyone who bothers to read, please feel free to comment towards kaz's version, as it is superior.
daseva, Sep 09 2009

       "The idea is nice in that it bears a solution to a real problem. but, the solution is simply the first one an ape-child thinks of in his mother's arms when first dabbling with freedom of thought... See, freedom of thought is what we want, what we crave, eat, devour, regurgitate, horde, magnify, etc. Freedom of thought gets points because it's fun and exciting. This idea, as I said *does* represent a slice of the freedom pie, but it's a very infantile slice. No offense."   

       I'm not sure this even solves a real problem my friend...
Eggplant, Sep 12 2009


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