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Tongue Vibrator

Power assist for lingual loving
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Uses watch batteries and a miniature pager vibrator in a tiny waterproof casing. Fits between your lower lip and extended tongue; a rubber flap with a groove for your lower teeth holds it in place and minimizes bone-conduction vibration. Gentle compression with your lower lip turns it on and perhaps controls the speed. Vibrations travel via your tongue to the object of your affection. Crafty suitors can even pretend it's technique.

Update 2004: Yes it's baked now, but AFAIK, it wasn't when I wrote the post several years ago.
rmutt, Oct 21 2000

betty's tongue (as mentioned by chud) http://vibratorvide.../bettys-tongue.html
Not a tongue add-on (as proposed in the idea) but simply a tongue-shaped vibrator. [jutta, Oct 21 2000, last modified Nov 16 2008]

Tongue Joy http://www.tonguejoy.com/index1.html
Baked. Available for $39. Add a "Turbo attachment" for only $24. [mighty_cheese, Oct 21 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

US Patent 6,645,164: Lingual vibration device http://www.google.c...ts?vid=USPAT6645164
Cites this article and the TongueJoy [jutta, Mar 20 2007]


       Fa sassba ssaa aksa ewrs bafaewn taga. [After considerable use, it takes a few hours before you can talk again.]
rmutt, Oct 21 2000

       The remote ... WHazzzup .. please.
reensure, Oct 21 2000

       >You mean you can't do this on your own?
Not at 20 Hz. Can you?
rmutt, Oct 26 2000

       Ah mushi mushi, hai ti tai?
reensure, Oct 27 2000

       pretty good idea...   

       "yea yo like that?" "uh..hugnh..." "ok how bout' this then?" "umh...uh w-what the hell is that?!"
tazguynn64, Dec 12 2000

       This exists. I heard a snippet of an interview with the creator on the radio a couple of days ago. Can't recall the brand name.
mrthingy, Mar 01 2001

       baked the graham norton show regularly shows off a device known as betties toungue
chud, Mar 29 2001

       Tongue gets tired, and sometimes there's too much liquid, and the taste is sometimes horrible. Doesn't solve the bad smell, if it's there. So it sounds like a good idea. Sometimes things are too dry, so the natural saliva is needed - for later entry of the penis, etc. But it might be TOO MUCH - no feeling, or wrong pressure. The clitoris is VERY sensitive, in most women, if it still has any feeling at all.
gz, Apr 21 2001

       Completely baked. See link. Powered by hearing aid batteries, attached to the tongue with elastic bands. They also have one designed for people with pierced tongues. Order yours today, I'm going to.
mighty_cheese, Oct 29 2001

       Before you contemplate making this.... bite down on an electric toothbrush while it is on.... Reminds me of the blond that chipped her teeth joke... giving her boyfriend pleasure.. Boyfriend was a D-Cell adult toy. I am sure the inventor of this product is a dentist... the same people who invented candy...
Error_205, May 13 2003

       You are already a millionaire if you got this thing to the market place with in the last two years! I have seen this gizmo for sale since 2001. Sex toy companies never sleep. Tiny batteries inside of a tiny-tongue attached vibrator. Small elastic band holds it in place.
Cosmo, Sep 02 2003

-----, Mar 29 2004


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