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Form factor cat milker

For your cat who has everything
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Many new parents face the problem of their cat failing to feed a new kitten adequately. Kitten formula can prove impossible to find, even supposing that it's an adequate replacement for the disease-fighting nutrients of real cat milk.

Enter the form factor cat milker. Shaped very much like a tiny dildo, it has an electric milker at one end, which (optionally) feeds a false cat nipple at the other. Your kitten can drink very close to the source, or meet in a milk bar some number of hours later.

4and20, Jul 25 2021

Crazy Cat Lady product https://www.amazon....d=1627224413&sr=8-1
The female Hugh Heffner [4and20, Jul 25 2021]


       This is a product that could have many more different and diverse applications than the designers expected. I fully expect it to be next year's must have personal accessory in the fashion-concious scene.
pocmloc, Jul 25 2021

       So it's a breast pump for cats?
Voice, Jul 25 2021

       But would the use of such a device in public be considered indecent feline exposure?
RayfordSteele, Jul 26 2021


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