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Fortified Crayons

put some color in their cheeks.
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When I was a kid, I ate a lot of crayons. Also rocks, coins, glue, earwigs, and more, but that’s another story. If crayons had vitamins, the kids would be eating healthy.
Amos Kito, Aug 13 2003


       but do we want to encourage children to eat crayons?   


       "These are for drawing, [points at oranges] these are for eating."
jonthegeologist, Aug 13 2003

       No dessert until you finish your crayons!
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 13 2003

       Amos, what was your favorite color?
waugsqueke, Aug 13 2003

       waugsqueke, it was "grape". Many crayon colors were food names, but they all tasted alike.
Amos Kito, Aug 14 2003

       "I would recommend the 1925 Burghundy, sir. Or, if sir has a taste for something a little lighter, perhaps the 1963 Forest Green."
Detly, Aug 14 2003

       A fine selection Detly. Pure vintage crayola.   

       I don't think Crayon companies are going to stop naming their crayons after foods so you might as well make them taste good and put vitamins in them.
Rain, Dec 14 2003

       Make'em taste like Brussels Sprouts or Broccoli. This would stop kids eating them forever.
phundug, Dec 14 2003

       Why not sell the vegetables coated in coloured wax?
Detly, Dec 20 2003

       I'm surprised at the positive votes.   

       Crayons are not meant to be eaten, though they may state on the box "non-toxic". So the target population for fortified crayons is bound to be minuscule.
neelandan, Dec 20 2003


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