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Recycled crayon paint

Grind crayons and pour mineral spirits over them.
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Crayons: cheap, prosaic, durable, unexciting. And when they get short no-one wants them. Paint is where they keep the fun. But paint is expensive!

I propose that crayon bits could gain new life, reborn as paint. A crayon stub will be left in a small quantity of "odorless" mineral spirits in a reused glass jar. Once it dissolves the spirits will have become crayon colored paint.

This would be a cheap way to make volumes of paint for kids. Mineral spirits are cheap and crayons have excellent colors and are readily available. A little bit of crayon will make a lot of paint.

Preliminary experiments at the BUNGCO campus daycare have been encouraging!

bungston, Jul 17 2015

Four Yorkshiremen https://www.youtube...watch?v=Xe1a1wHxTyo
[normzone, Jul 17 2015]

the factory http://www.dailymai...tml#v-4087927610001
paraffin for kids [popbottle, Jul 18 2015]


       (Yorkshire accent)   

       " Look-shiree.   

       What we wouldn't have given to have a short piece of a crayon.   

       Why, when we were little, we had to gather raw materials in the forest, and grind them to a paste, mixing them with lizard guts, so as to make our own pigments so we could paint stick figures on the stone we lived under "
normzone, Jul 17 2015

       Sp.: "Luke-shiree"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2015

       You had a stone to live under! And access to a forest and animals! You lucky, lucky, bar steward!
pocmloc, Jul 17 2015

       That "odorless" is related to the evaporation rate of the oil. This means your paint could take quite a long time to dry.
Vernon, Jul 18 2015

       // Mineral spirits are cheap //   

       Give them to the kids ...
8th of 7, Jul 20 2015


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