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Shape Memory Crayons

They love you.
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Shape memory alloy (NiTi) is metal which, when subjected to heat and or electricity, will contract in upon itself. The first exposure to heat creates a lasting impression, and every succesive exposure will return the metal to the position it assumed from the first impression. Each heat signature will make the metal react differently, obviously. With the recent trends in pens being towards cushioned grips for 'extra comfort', this could be of interest. Use even, maybe. When you first grip the pencil at it's rubber grip [as the intructions on the pack read], your body heat [which is more than sufficient, by the way] passes through the thin rubber layer and to the SMA layer below. After gripping hard for a good, say, 20 seconds, you imprint yourself on the pen. Now, every time you reach to use it, it molds to YOUR fingers! The ultimate in writing comofort! Sure, sure, it seems like a company exec desktop toy (and most definately is a Hammacher Shelemmer item), but seeing as how the SMA used wouldn't cost much more than the normal amount of rubber used in a pen, I think it's a first-world ulti-consumer resource-waster winner!
Yoji, Sep 08 2001


       ¿A fwi-fulc nummer wesorcswaswiner? … HAHAHA. Good idea!
reensure, Sep 08 2001

       When I first saw this article title, I thought it was going to be about crayons that, after used and put down for a short while, would slowly sharpen themselves by drawing wax from the blunt end into a point at the front.   

       But it wasn't.
jester, Sep 08 2001

       I love them, too.
phoenix, Sep 08 2001

       Our kids leave their chalk crayons in the street. Cars run over them ( the crayons ). If they could return from the dead after being swooshed flat, that would be good.
popbottle, Jan 29 2017

       //If they could return from the dead after being swooshed flat   

       The kids or the crayons?   

       Is it possible to have chalk crayons?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 29 2017

       / Use even, maybe/   

bungston, Jan 31 2017


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