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Hose Water.

Brings you back.
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July 4, 1976. Out in the street, it is hotter than a roman candle. Bottle rockets whine and pop on the next block. Four sweaty, sunburnt 10 year olds trudge uphill, the sun beating down on them. A man at the top of the hill is watering his flowers with a hose. The boys stop. Without a word, he hands over the hose. The lead boy drinks deep, the water splashing over his face and running down his shirt. It is cool, and tastes of minerals and rubber.

Forward: the boy has become a man. He is working on a construction site with his three pals, the sun beating down on them. He opens a cooler and pulls out a cool bottle of Hose Water, the beverage. He drinks deep: the same minerals and rubber taste of water straight from the hose. Bottle rockets whine and pop on the next block.

Hose Water. It brings you back.

bungston, Jun 01 2003


       And I thought I was the only one that likes to occasionally sample the subtle flavour that can only be provided by hosey goodness!
RoboBust, Jun 01 2003

       There was one hose which we used to snake the sewer pipe. So-and-so never knew the actual meaning when we said he had a shit-eating grin.
thumbwax, Jun 01 2003

       It's *all* hose water.
phoenix, Jun 01 2003

       what? big p?
po, Jun 01 2003

       butt ewe can't make hymn drink.
thumbwax, Jun 01 2003

       isn't that what the swiss swear/yodel by? funny people.
po, Jun 01 2003

       Try new Hoser Hose Water, with the taste of hose-mending duct tape, imported from Canada!
Cedar Park, Jun 01 2003

       If you drink over 2 bottles of it in less than 48 hours, the taste of minerals and rubber should bring you back alright... to the hospital where you broke your 1st (and definitely not last, counting that you now work in construction) bone. Now you'll feel the taste of a stomach pump as the surgeons suck all the chlorine and tasty rubberish chemicals out of your system. I mean, go suck on a doggie tire if you want rubber.
croissantz, Oct 05 2004


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