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Helipush wall climber

Copter pushes the vehicle onto the wall
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Rather than hovering this vehicle drives on its wheels, pushed onto wall with the copter.

A personal version attached to your back allows you to simply climb up a mountain or building wall.

pashute, Nov 05 2014

Look at this!! https://www.youtube...v=IsMQgr-aCmU&t=23m
[pashute, Aug 04 2016]

Did you mean this? https://www.youtube...watch?v=A_nYNuoZteA
[notexactly, Aug 05 2016]

I missed notexactly's link by four years!!!! https://www.youtube...watch?v=bhMTLo6Gih0
He posted it a day after my last post. I saw this ad and got all excited! [pashute, Nov 29 2020]

If halfbakers were also makers https://www.youtube...watch?v=rVxDLp0LSJ8
[pashute, Nov 29 2020]


       [+], but walking up a wall this way is going to be at least as difficult as climbing a ladder.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2014

       If the rotor exerts a purely horizontal force then I think you'd still fall down a smooth wall. It would be like trying to crawl along the floor with 80kg pulling you backwards.
EnochLives, Nov 05 2014

       //It would be like trying to crawl along the floor with 80kg pulling you backwards//   

       If you slip... the 10,50, 80 whatever kg (100,500,800 Newtons, I know) will be forcing your face into the building while the other 80kg drags you down. Not fun.
bs0u0155, Nov 05 2014

       Probably work well for walking across the ceiling.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 05 2014

       Well, why not angle it a bit to support its own weight as well s some of your own. Just make sure you always have some force towards the wall since your contact with the wall is the only control you have.
scad mientist, Nov 06 2014

       all the more thrill for the spectators, no?
pashute, Nov 06 2014

       answering [Maxw]: for tall buildings without a ladder
pashute, Oct 13 2015

       Watch link!
pashute, Aug 04 2016

       [NotExactly]? Exactly!!
pashute, Nov 29 2020


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