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Four More Sheets

extra toilet paper
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When you come unexpectedly to the end of a toilet roll, and need a few extra pieces, Four More Sheets will be your saviour. All you need do is take the empty tube off its holder, and on the inside layer of the cardboard find the neatly rolled extra sheets of paper.
xenzag, Feb 04 2009

(??) These go to eleven.... wonderful http://www.youtube....watch?v=d54UU-fPIsY
inspiration for extra sheets (in case you hadn't figured it out already) [xenzag, Feb 04 2009]

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       Tearing apart the toilet roll tube has the same effect, as it generally is constructed from two-ply cardboard. So the extra sheets are already there, in a sense.
Aristotle, Feb 04 2009

       Will lead to unexpectedly encountering rolls that are depleted of the 4MS, or never had them to begin with. Crushed expectations trump unexpected bliss.
loonquawl, Feb 04 2009

       Maybe for depressives, they do. Could the cardboard tube just be really small and all the roll holders be redesigned?
nineteenthly, Feb 04 2009

       //Could the cardboard tube just be really small and all the roll holders be redesigned?// but these have four extra sheets!
xenzag, Feb 04 2009

       Yeah, but they could be inside the tiny roll. I wasn't suggesting sacrificing that feature, well maybe i was but i shouldn't've, so sorry, you're right, but thin tube with four extra sheets inside it, just wide enough to admit the sheets themselves and the holder, which is now a wire.
nineteenthly, Feb 04 2009

       [+] <goes to hide 4 extra sheets behind curtain as temporary fix>   

       Blow the expense, I'll make it 5
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 04 2009

       Brilliant. +
blissmiss, Oct 23 2016


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