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Fragrant mask with chewing gum

You actually WANT to get this mask on
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So your breath isn't foul and you feel great wearing the mask with it's addicting fresh oranges fragrance. You'll even want to wear one when it isn't needed.

After a while you chew this one up and take out another one.

Problem solved.

pashute, Dec 19 2021

What I was actually referring to https://www.reuters...tickets-2021-12-14/
[pashute, Jan 12 2022]


       What is the role of the chewing gum?
pertinax, Dec 19 2021

       I don’t believe anyone wants to wear a mask if we don’t need to. I can just put essential oils on and smell orange all day.
xandram, Dec 20 2021

       Not sure you could make something cheap AND filtery AND edible, but it would solve the "disposable mask litter everywhere" problem.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 23 2021

       No no! Not a chewed used mask. The problem that is solved here is the problem that people DONT WANT TO WEAR MASKS. There is a piece of chewing gum attached to your mask with a string. It has a good taste and at the same time is addictive.   

       The solution is similar to the link I will now post about the rice-paper tickets in Germany. There is also an addictive smell to the mask itself.   

       No more fights about not wearing masks. Everybody just wants to wear one.
pashute, Jan 12 2022

       //Not a chewed used mask//
Ah. Your description REALLY implies that it is the mask that is chewed. Having chewing-gum inside won't change the "don't want to wear mask" problem; I (for eg.) don't like chewing gum (I have no problems with masks...).
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 12 2022

       …and I’m so curious as to what is in the gum that makes it so addictive? And also, is it edible string?
xandram, Jan 12 2022

       What I was actually referring to. See Link.
pashute, Jan 25 2022


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