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nose bridge

barrier between airways separates eyes nose and mouth
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1. Eye protector nose bridge: Sits on nose under clear plastic covid mask, separates your eyes from breath fumes.

1b. Used under a surgical mask (or makeshift covid face mask), it keeps the mask away from your face for comfort of breathing, and holds it above the nose, so the mask doesn't fall off.

2. Nose to mouth separator: Sits on the nose with a pertrusion over the upper lip (the area above your lips where men have a mustach). This pushes the breath that leaves your nose away from your mouth, and keeps the breath fumes from your mouth away from your nose.

3. Full nose bridge: Used for both types of separation.

pashute, Nov 04 2020


       (1) might help stop glasses steaming up; apart from that, why ?
8th of 7, Nov 04 2020


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