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SCUBA Walking

Special Coronavirus Unmasked Breathing Aparatus
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[Summary has been edited after hit with fishbones. Was: Self-contained Coronavirus Unit Breathing Aparatus]

Large bicycle-wheel sized filter with fan and cooler, continuously brings in fresh and cool air and pushes out gases without particles. Carried on your back this is just refreshing to use even without Covid. The large bicycle- wheel size filter promises and ensures no feeling of stuffiness.

With added smells and some kind of happiness-inducing smoke, the people wear it and don't take it off during the game or wedding event.

When entering the event it registers you and allows you to get in.

Taking it off sends a notification to the event owner.

Battery included. lasts for a sports game and costs about 30 USD (the battery that is).

pashute, Aug 09 2021

back-mounted fan... https://parajet.com/
...bicycle-wheel sized. [Frankx, Aug 12 2021]

https://external-pr...521fd87caeaa97f116b [hippo, Aug 12 2021]

Made from Assyrian goatskin? https://www.pintere...582934745491895821/
[4and20, Aug 13 2021]


       Sounds so much more delightful than wearing a cloth mask...   

       I just wanna see everyone in a soccer stadium wearing their own Zorb and trying to sit down without rolling onto the playing field. "Oh no! Brawling soccer hooligans have started a Zorb avalanche!"
RayfordSteele, Aug 09 2021

       /happiness inducing smoke/ how is that refreshing air?   

       just bomb the place with it
xandram, Aug 09 2021

       Does it include air conditioning?
Voice, Aug 09 2021

       So the filter is on the exhale only?
whatrock, Aug 09 2021

       The whole idea is that it has a very large filter so the air is actually fresh and in large quantities, not stuffy. And also the exhaled air is dispersed quickly into a wide area.   

       The self-contained part is about the cooled mixture of extra gases that includes oxygen, which makes the breathing experience even more exciting. It is mixed with air, so maybe "self-contained" is not the best choice of terms.   

       Maybe "Superior COVID Universal Breathing Aparatus" or "Special Coronavirus Unmasked Breathing Aparatus"
pashute, Aug 10 2021

       I thought I wrote cool air, so yes @voice. It includes some type of cooling. either air conditioning or some other kind of cooling (perhaps with dry ice or a Peltier device.).
pashute, Aug 10 2021

       I still like 8th's tall snorkel idea. You could make it into a stovepipe hat with a mouthpiece.
RayfordSteele, Aug 10 2021

       Flexible. problem solved.   

       Or squashed shape so as not to protrude from the sides.   

       That was A one that was easy.   

       This is a call for cooperation with half-baked idea creators, to help them make their ideas fully-baked, instead of burning them at the stake.
pashute, Aug 11 2021

       //help [...] instead of burning them at the stake//   

       Somewhere far away, [8th of 7] turns over in their grave.
pertinax, Aug 11 2021

       [a1] forgot your fish bone, because one of those is mine. I don’t want to collaborate on Covid ideas, as the whole thing is so depressing.sorry P
xandram, Aug 11 2021

       //[8th of 7] turns over in their grave// - or "...their graves"
hippo, Aug 11 2021

       oh sorry on my part I thought that bone was already there when I gave mine. I don’t give them often and I agree this is not a burning at the stake. I feel one can’t just make some crazy idea… oh then again I guess you can….
xandram, Aug 11 2021

       There are similar posts on the HB, but nevertheless, it's not that bad. I'm reaching for the croissant crumb tray to quell some of that negativity [+] (note I keep reading this as Scuba Wanking, which is another idea entirely)
xenzag, Aug 11 2021

       >Not sure how a -2/+1 and some honest criticism constitutes burning at the stake though. // [a1]   

       OK, thanks. I see what you are saying. Taking this to a separate discussion.
pashute, Aug 12 2021

       If you have a rather high-powered fan, and perhaps a fabric canopy of some kind [link], I can see this being really quite entertaining.   

       Or maybe with rollerskates.
Frankx, Aug 12 2021

       I could easily take away my fish bone if I could understand how this apparatus could be worn. Whilst it states a/large bicycle size wheel filter and fan/ nowhere does this say how it is worn on the person’s body, face or what. and most definitely adding smoke does not make for refreshing air. This is why I gave a fish bone.
xandram, Aug 12 2021

       I think it would look like this (see link) with the person also wearing a diving helmet. Quite inconspicuous.
hippo, Aug 12 2021

       ^Thank you. [hippo] That might take me closer to visualizing it. I still don’t understand fresh air and putting smoke in?
xandram, Aug 12 2021

       ahh, I don’t know, not a well written idea, But I guess I like the title.
xandram, Aug 13 2021


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