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Frankenstein's Cellotape

aka Frankentape
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Frankenstein's Cellotape is clear sticky tape with a line of surgical stitches running along its entire length. It's especially effective when used to repair ripped paper.
xenzag, Feb 05 2009

Looks like this http://images.googl...S:official%26sa%3DG
warning - graphic image [xenzag, Feb 05 2009]

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       you can buy cellotape that looks like barbed wire and one that looks like a zip. it was a novelty christmas wrapping idea and if I remember where I saw it, I'll link it.
po, Feb 06 2009

       Heh, by the title I was envisioning duct tape surgery.
Spacecoyote, Feb 06 2009

       By the title, I was imagining something to create chimera stringed instruments.
coprocephalous, Feb 06 2009

       A month later you could replace with tape of the scar.   

       A line scar with two rows small hole scars marching beside. The stitches out, but the ugly left behind.
popbottle, Jun 29 2013

       Isn't that Frank-en-steen?
not_morrison_rm, Dec 23 2016

       <Marty Feldman>   

       "Walk this way ... "   

       </Marty Feldman>
8th of 7, Dec 24 2016


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