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Double Sided Duct Tape

Because sooner or later you find yourself wanting this.
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Of all the different types of double sided tapes there are none are duct tape and of all the different types of duct tape none are double sided sticky.

Make those sticky duct tape rings no more, this is more efficient and more effective.

sartep, May 31 2004

Duct/Duck Tape 101 http://www.octanecr...pe/DT101/index.html
More about the name and history. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Clear Duct Tape http://www.jamestow...V=1&QLEV=1&PN=38194
Now *here's* a half-baked idea we all missed. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I think double sided duck tape is called carpet tape. I have no idea why it is called carpet tape, I wouldn't use it as a carpet. But then, I have no idea either what duck tape has to do with ducks.
kbecker, Jun 01 2004

       It was originally used to waterproof artillery cases.   

       Double sided tape can be used to hold carpets in place. (Don't -- it's nasty to get off. Use those little rubber pearl mats instead.)
jutta, Jun 01 2004

       Ah, now I know more about duct tape.   

       Carpet tape doesn't have the inner fibers like duct tape.
sartep, Jun 01 2004

       you could stick carpet tape to duct tape and get the fibers, or better yet stick fiberglass mesh tape to carpet tape then it is really strong and stticky.
macrumpton, Jun 01 2004

       how would you keep the tape from sticking to itself?
schematics, Jun 01 2004

       With plastic coated paper sandwiched in the roll much like the way other sticky substances are packaged.
sartep, Jun 01 2004

       Double-sided duct tape, from a Google search, would appear to be Widely Used, if not Widely Baked. Can't find any place selling it, though.
DrCurry, Jun 02 2004

       It’s like canned mashed potatoes, one of those product ideas people can’t believe doesn’t exist.
ldischler, Jun 02 2004

       Google Searching shows that everyone believes it exists or would like it to exist but searching the manufacturers with the same quotes only gets double sided tape which are not duct tapes. It is a google ghost so far.
sartep, Jun 02 2004

       Ah, a true egnostic. (Unwilling to believe in the existence of anything that can't be found on the Internet.)
DrCurry, Jun 02 2004

       Well, yeah! After trying to order it at home depot's stores and finding nothing at the mom and pop stores, not seeing any of the manufacturers online claim to make it makes it pretty well non existant.   

       If it isn't on google, it probably never existed before...ever. :)
sartep, Jun 02 2004

       With this, I could make mo(e)bius duct tape rings.
FarmerJohn, Jun 02 2004

       Try banner tape. Works for me ...
Letsbuildafort, Jun 02 2004


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