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double sided weakly gluey cellotape ™

(is gluey a word?)
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… for when the stickiness wears off one's post-it notes. this saves you writing it all out again.
po, Mar 01 2006

3M Double sided repositionable tape http://www.globalsp...Stick_Tapes/11356/0
Fairly common. You can get the stuff with one side being a permanent adhesive and the other side being a low-tack repositionable adhesive. [bristolz, Mar 01 2006]

baked tape http://www.veripack...e_double_sided_tape
[xandram, Mar 01 2006]

3M Spray Mount™ http://products3.3m...Handler/output_html
Spray Mount™ is excellent stuff. [hippo, Mar 01 2006]

Mounting block http://www.statelin.../in311662_174bb.jpg
[normzone, Mar 01 2006]


       I've never seen anyone besides myself tape the music to their cello, but I guess this might become popular.
normzone, Mar 01 2006

       Or you could just spray your Post-It™ notes with Spray Mount™ (see link).
hippo, Mar 01 2006

       A Post-it glue stick is available, as well. Which means anything can be made suitable sticky with a quick rub.
Ling, Mar 02 2006

       I have some of this junk in a drawer somewhere in my house. Its not all its cracked up to be.
Especially for sticky notes, which are astoundingly cheap when compared to the cost of the tape.
roleohibachi, Mar 02 2006


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