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Freak-out doll

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This cute and cuddly doll says "I love you", except every 666th time when it growls "Satan is coming for you!"
simonj, Mar 12 2009

Kind of like this http://www.youtube....watch?v=2psa8U0S2T8
But not really [plasticspoon, Mar 12 2009]

death threat elmo http://www.youtube....watch?v=4dSqXDHfgLc
[jaksplat, Mar 13 2009]

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       Haha.. nice. One time a friend and I decided to find out how old you were when you were 666 seconds, 666.666 seconds, 666.666.666 seconds old, and so forth. It turns out that last one is right around your 21st birthday, ha!   

       We also hypothesized that aliens that live to be 666.666.666.666.666.666 seconds old are commonly known as the devil. Oddly enough, this number equates to 21 billion years; within the range of the supposed age of the universe. Then we got goosebumps, giggled, and continued on with our smores at the campfire.
daseva, Mar 13 2009


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