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Grocer Rinks

Roll through your shopping list
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Supermarkets are fitted with hardwood floors and disco lights. Customers lace up their skates for a fun shopping experience.
spiraliii, Mar 14 2007

this guy got so close, but failed to halfbake [+] http://www.washingt...17?language=printer
[xandram, Mar 14 2007]

Halfbakery: Disco Supermarket (2005) Disco_20Supermarket
DrBob's annotation, third from the top. [jutta, Mar 14 2007]

Auchan Hypermarket, Calais, France http://www.dover2ca...han_hypermarket.htm
Staff on roller skates. Shoppers - not. [jutta, Mar 14 2007]


       Silly [+] though I think ice would be better - and easier to clean.
zen_tom, Mar 14 2007

       ...and would keep the produce fresh!
squeak, Mar 14 2007

       Ravel makes great piped music.
wagster, Mar 14 2007

       As if shopping wasn't annoying enough already ...
nuclear hobo, Mar 14 2007


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