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Free Phone Calls

They Don't Cost Money... But Do Have A Price
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The old 'ad-based free phonecalls' chestnut (so baked it's been forgotten again, apparently) surely has some mileage left to run. Or at least the 'free phonecalls' bit does. Instead of having to listen to a bunch of adverts, which never seemed to go down to well anyway, how about having to TAKE a short call after yours which provides a service? This would have to be something which didn't require taking an order (e.g. for a pizza or anything, as that would require a follow-up) but could instead be something like providing the weather forecast, taking an incoming call from a bizarre premium-rate phone number, or any as-yet-unthought about services which this could inspire. Hey, maybe you could do this *before* you make a call, using the time you spend 'working' to earn credits for the call you're about to make.

On the supplier side, phone companies could supply free phone calls in exchange for you hanging on at the end of your call in order to receive a couple of short incoming calls. Eg. "What's the forecast for Northern Wisconsin?" <look out window> "Rain!" or "Heuuughh, ahem...um.. whatchya wearin', honey?" <look at clothes> "Ooh, leather!" etc. Given the choice, I'd take the weather forecast, though.

gizmo_man, Jul 24 2002

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       There's no efficient way to check if you're still listening.
bookworm, Jul 24 2002

       U are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cattails, Jan 04 2005

       There's no quality control; there's no telling what kind of bozo you'll end up with. You might end up getting wrong directions, for example. (I had a friend who used to give wrong directions on the street just for fun when he had no clue what to say.) What if some idiot gets the call for suicide counseling and just tells him he's wasting everyone's oxygen? What if YOU get the call and have no clue what to say? I still have to stay neutral because there's still some room to work with this. You might have to identify yourself for some accountability, for example.
kevinthenerd, Oct 04 2009


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