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Free Refill Frock Coat

Bottomless cup to-go
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Cheapskates everywhere are famous for multiple stops at the soft drink fountain, maximizing their beverage consumption before leaving a fast food joint. And who doesn't love a cup of coffee constantly topped-off by a truck stop waitress?

This invention is an outergarmet with liquid storage bladders constructed into the body panels with tubes to fill them running down each sleeve. The tubes connect to funnels disguised as common free refill mugs, one side for hot beverages, the other for cold soda or beer. The coat can be filled with large quantities of drinks to-go while appearing to just be refilling a single small cup.

Deluxe models would include valves to switch between bladders to collect multiple flavors. Liquid contents of coat could be either downloaded to other containers in your car or sipped from a drinking tube in the coat collar.

Cube, Jan 24 2006

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Beer idea [Cube, Jan 24 2006]

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credit to a similar halfbaker [Cube, Jan 25 2006]

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       Think they'll notice if I stand in front of the drink machine for 5 minutes while my coat fills up?
PollyNo9, Jan 24 2006

       Yeees... but stillsuits didn't store coke. And the Fremen didn't go to Burger King.
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       Except in places which offer free refills: Nandos and almost all of the US.
wagster, Jan 25 2006


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