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Möbius toiletpaper

Endless use...
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If I understand correctly, the surface of a Möbius ring is mathematically speaking endless? Well, then. Take any length of toiletpaper, fashion a Möbius ring out of it and hey presto! Mathematical thriftyness galore! Enjoy!
Ehrm, Sep 30 2005


       I don't think you understand correctly. It is endless in the same way as a piece of string is endless once you have tied the ends together.
st3f, Sep 30 2005

       mind you it would certainly confuse the puppy.
po, Sep 30 2005

       You can't tie a puppy's ends together. That would be cruel.
st3f, Sep 30 2005

       This is a revolting idea.
wagster, Sep 30 2005

       Yes, puppies are so much softer. Plus, their mom licks them clean afterwards anyways.
Trickytracks, Sep 30 2005

       //If I understand correctly// You don't. Bone
coprocephalous, Sep 30 2005

       Better yet, after using your mobius strip of toilet paper, cut it down the middle with a pair of scissors and voila! you now have a ring twice as big and you can continue wiping.
phundug, Oct 01 2005

       [Phundug] understands [coprocephalous] doesn't.
Ehrm, Oct 01 2005

       I'm still stuck on this mental image of a mobius puppy that I keep getting. That's just odd... I'll have to get back to you.
zigness, Oct 01 2005

       That's one sick puppy.
silverstormer, Oct 01 2005


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