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Gluteal Bisection Underwear

A necessary precaution to prevent gluteal nom nom.
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Sometimes clothing that adorns the buttocks becomes wedged between the wearer's cheeks. This can cause discomfort, unwanted attention, and the dreaded schoolyard designation of buttpicker.

The solution is based on the reasoning if there is already fabric wedged in there then additional fabric can not enter.

It is for those that suffer this problem, specially made underpants with a cloth divider running straight up the backside like an interior facing dorsal fin.

rcarty, May 28 2012

These people, who seem to make specialist underwear, might be interested. http://www.shreddiesgifts.com
Quite informative seeing how they do the marketing for fart-filtering underwear for women. [hippo, May 28 2012]

Fart@Will Fart_40Will
OMG! Shreddies Gifts baked my idea!!! No patent! Pior art, Prior art!!! [PauloSargaco, May 29 2012]


       I think the marketing might need some work - "Gluteal Bisection" sounds slightly painful.
hippo, May 28 2012

       There are some ladies knickers that adopt this form factor - though I think it's more a case of designing to form, rather than function in this instance.
zen_tom, May 28 2012

       This is just a thinly disguised attempt to revive Pole Pants isn't it!
DrBob, May 28 2012

       Perhaps what is needed is the underpants version of the "lift & separate" underwired brasserie?
pocmloc, May 28 2012

       The Fanny Fin? The Wedgie Wiper? Sheer HalfBakery, and the sort of thing that keeps Marketing Departments awake at night. I highly approve. [+]
Grogster, May 28 2012

       "The Fanny Fin" might, possibly, be misinterpreted in some non-US English-speaking countries.
hippo, May 29 2012

       Yes, it sounds like some kind of Scandinavian Don Juan.
zen_tom, May 29 2012

       Smells like fish.
UnaBubba, May 29 2012

       I have to ask... what exactly is a 'lift & separate' underwired brasserie?
Phrontistery, May 29 2012

       [+] Just because of the hilarious discussion it presented us with.
PauloSargaco, May 29 2012

       // I have to ask... what exactly is a 'lift & separate' underwired brasserie? //   

       Me, me, I think I know this one! These are bras with an embedded wire which goes below and in between the boobs with the clear intention of presenting them with a hugely yummier look than gravity allowed them to have.
PauloSargaco, May 29 2012

       Well done, PauloSargaco; there I was, mistakenly thinking the intended word was 'brassière'.
Phrontistery, May 29 2012

       Less Expensive Alternative to Lift & Separate Bra: Duct Tape.
Grogster, May 30 2012

       I have actually never been into a brasserie, though I used to live opposite one. However I presume they contain forks (for lifting) and knives (for separating) and have at least some of their electrical wiring installed in their basements or beneath the floorboards.
pocmloc, May 30 2012

       @Phrontistery Well, no point in wasting a perfectly good explanation
PauloSargaco, May 30 2012


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