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Front PC Case

All connections are in front with nice side tidying clear cover
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A PC case with all the connections including sound and power comfortably in the front, slightly indented inwards and possibly tilted upwards.

A host of lockable hooks along the side assist in catching any wires you wish to send to the back in a tidy way. A clear cover on the side helps keep away the dust, and makes for a nice display of "electronics" and perhaps some LEDs for the effect.

pashute, Dec 11 2014

for [TIB] http://www.aliexpre...YxMICFfIF7AodKmAALQ
90 degree angle change for HDMI [Voice, Dec 13 2014]


       I want one, now please [+]. This way I could shove my PC up against the wall and not worry about the HDMI getting bent out of shape. It's also kind of cool to see everything up front, with a nice tinted cover panel and LEDs like you suggested. Allow cables to exit from any side near the rear, or even the rear panel directly. It would be difficult to damage anything in that case!
TIB, Dec 11 2014

       [+] Yes,   

       and it stands on a matching low-rise base containing a UPS, powerbar, and hooks for wallwarts for the rest of the equipment. The wires run down the front of the case (behind the smoky glass) from the PC and into the base, from which they can exit through semicircular cutouts. . . not that I've given it much thought, of course ;-)
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2014

       Function over form. (+)   

       I wonder if a prototype of this ingenious device could not be made by taking a standard PC, and rotating it 180°.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2014

       I've worked for two companies that do this all day long. You tell us how you want it configured and we deliver it.   

       This does cost money, but I think it would qualify as widely known to exist (WKTE) since we have a double handful of competitors.
normzone, Dec 13 2014

       Well, best to get ahead of the crowd and work on humans with all the plugs on the front.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 14 2014


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