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A briefcase which transforms into an ergnomic laptop station
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I was inspired by reading a couple of entries in this category - see links.

My idea is for a briefcase which turns inside out in order to provide a stable laptop platform, say for use on a train.

The transformation would take place as follows: Your laptop is secured to inside the briefcase using the 'docking station'-style adapter. The lid is hinged differently to normal, allowing it to open past the normal 90 degrees and fold underneath the base, where a stud on the lid clicks it into position. This would provide a stable base for your laptop, gently inclined towards you. A pair of horseshoe shaped plastic clamps, on the underside of the lid, are used to attach the case to your legs - securing everthing in place.

Next, the front of the case folds down to provide build-in hand rest area. Similarly, the floor of the case is covered in mouse mat material, allowing either side to be folded out to provide a mouse area.

The end result would be a bit more ergonomic than the current situtation; hunching over a laptop, fiddling with a pointer device while the overheated laptop 'warms' my knees.

Naturally, this assumes you have sufficient elbow room to operate your laptop. I ,therefore, propose that the briefcase should incorporate two high voltage spikes at either side of the case, charged-up while your in the office... ;-)

riposte, Dec 10 2001

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       !! Horseshoe-shaped clamps
! … two high voltage spikes
reensure, Dec 10 2001

       only, on the deluxe model...   

       Actually, the horseshoe clamps could be supply the voltage. It depends what sort of stimulation your are looking for. "knee-trembler" anyone?
riposte, Dec 10 2001

       You could always try muttering to yourself and sniffing a lot, *that* tends to ensure you have plenty room on public transport. Or so I've heard.
salachair, Dec 10 2001

       From the title I thought that, perhaps, this was an argument for the creation of a third typecase. Uppercase, lowercase and Geekcase. Maybe something specifically designed for reading in text editors at very high resolutions.
I was wrong, of course.
bristolz, Dec 10 2001

       I like this idea except for the part about strapping the kit to my legs. Just pad the lap-touching portion for my comfort.
phoenix, Dec 10 2001

       [waugsqueke] Hmmm, the stand-up idea is interesting. A tray, akin to those used by ice-cream salesmen on the beach, might suffice...
riposte, Dec 10 2001

       [waugsqueke] I got that, but I can't imagine trying to make an emergency exit with my thighs clamped together and not laugh.
phoenix, Dec 10 2001


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