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The WWF of Street Performers.
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A ring similar to a wrestling ring is set up and two jugglers face each other with a referee explaining the rules: --Object is to knock the other juggler out of the ring or unconsious with the juggling apparatus. --No juggling apparatus can come in contact with the defending juggler if it's still being held by the attacking juggler (can't "club" the other juggler, so to speak). --The apparatus must be recovered by the attacking juggler (rebounding off the defending juggler's head, from the mat, etc) while the remaining apparatus are being juggled. --No knives, swords, fire*, or incendiary devices are allowed. --Penalties for injury to spectators.

Possible variations: *(1) Fire! FIRE! (2) Juggling people, as the talented Chinese Circus are famous for: Juggling a couple of famous Wreslters who can ply their trade on the opposing jugglers (as well as each other).

Trunk, Aug 07 2003

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       (+) So long as clowns aren't involved.
silverstormer, Aug 07 2003

       //They finally lost the lawsuit//

Oh I thought he meant pandas (Thanks pjd).
silverstormer, Aug 07 2003

       I'm putting my money on the guy juggling chainsaws.   

       sp: pandas
pjd, Aug 07 2003

       Maybe we can feed the mimes to the Pandas?
Trunk, Aug 07 2003

       they don't eat meat   

       forget I said that, some people think they might.
po, Aug 07 2003

       Mimes aren't made of meat, silly.
DeathNinja, Aug 07 2003

       Mime is.
k_sra, Aug 07 2003

       mimes juggling pandas?
crispee, Aug 07 2003

       Don't pandar to the mimes.
Worldgineer, Aug 07 2003

       Maybe if you stuffed them with bamboo.
Detly, Aug 07 2003

       Silent Pandamonium.   


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