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Human-scale snakes and ladders.

Play for real.
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A giant structure of girders some 25 metres high; each element is a cube, 2.5 metres a side, stacked in a row of 10 as the base, another 10 on top, forming a vertical snakes and ladders board.

Actual ladders lead from some cubic "squares" up to others; some of the cubes have metal or plastic (transparent) slides which go down one (or many) levels, in a spiral if necessary. Players are provided with mats to sit on when going down the slides.

On one side of the "game board", about 25m away, is a huge display showing the name of the next player, and a representation of one face of a die. Players have a key-fob remote that they push when it's their turn, to get a number randomly generated for their next move.

8th of 7, Aug 17 2008


       They had something like this at a theme park I went to once - it was on a steep hillside, with staircases and slides. Wasn't a full 10x10 grid though, and you had to carry your own dice with you.
MadnessInMyMethod, Aug 17 2008


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