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fade cap

Any baseball cap that someone can put on their head and get a haircut/buzzcut
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A baseball hat would have a dial on it that could give you the option to adjust the type of fade that you want.

Unisex for either male or female.

16 and over recommended.

Place hat on head, adjust the dial and get your hair cut!!

Seneca, Apr 01 2014


       What team? Because there is no way I am going to let the freaking Houston Astros anywhere near my hair.
bungston, Apr 01 2014

       How is the trimming of the hair accomplished? How does it handle the nape and sideburns? Is blood loss a major issue?   

       So many questions...
Alterother, Apr 01 2014

       I'd imagine it could do you a nice tonsure.
skoomphemph, Apr 01 2014

       Do you wear it all the time? Good for people plagued by very rapid hair growth. That is a downside to the flowbie - hard to keep it on when you are out and about.
bungston, Apr 01 2014

       A modernised and self contained version of Caractacus Pots' hair cutting machine. Well the last one worked so well that this must be worth a bun.
TomP, Apr 03 2014

FlyingToaster, Apr 03 2014


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