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Furry Lipstick

Kiss like a cat - or a snake, fish, ?crocodile?
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Blue and green and iridescent lipstick is passé, and black is old-school. Try lips covered with velvety fur, or tiny flexible dry snake scales, or glistening fish scales.

It will go well with anime hair.

Appliqués would be the first method - either fashionable lip shapes (and they could be slightly padded, to add a hint of cats-mouth under the fine fur), or a flexible sheet. Kiss the back with standard lipstick, cut out the shape, glue it on.

It might be possible in a tube, following the success of simplified textured wall paint. A layer of base color in one end of the tube, covered with a topcoat that dries at a different speed. The paint looks more like Revenge of the Mummies than scales, but what are industrial chemists for, huh? Besides, revenge of the Mummies wold probably *also* sell as makeup.

Mephista's point, that this goes well with a Mood Mustache, is good; the best Mood Mustache for furry cat lips would be whiskers. One might also get Mood Ears in one's anime wig.

hello_c, Sep 09 2001

Anime wigs http://www.tartblossom.com/custom.html
Brightly colored & voluminous [hello_c, Sep 09 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Anime hair http://www.nightrealm.com/anime/hair.html
The drawings that the wigs imitate [hello_c, Sep 09 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hair Lips
thumbwax, Sep 09 2001

       How about pressure transfers, of the sort that are used for transfer lettering or dry typewriter-correction strips? (two technologies which are almost dead these days...) You could get a large sheet of fish scales (or whatever) and simply transfer lip-shaped regions of the sheet to your lips using an appropriately rounded tool.   

       It might help to apply a protective lip gloss afterwards, or to apply something beforehand which would soften the scales to make them stick but which would evaporate shortly, causing them not to stick to other things.
wiml, Sep 10 2001

       Sorry guys, gotta vote against this. Imagine kissing someone wearnig this? However certain erotic acts may have enhanced appeal. Not sure...
sven3012, Sep 11 2001

       Come on [sven], you gotta admit that if you had snake lips and you kissed someone that has cat-fur lips, it would feel kinda nice. Or is that just me?
barnzenen, Sep 11 2001

       I was very ambivalent about this...until the Great Ponytail Onslaught.
The Military, Sep 14 2001

       Additional advantage: the static build up during kissing really *would* make sparks fly.
DrBob, Sep 14 2001


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