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Transparent Lipstick

with high SPF
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An acquaintance once told me that she doesn't use makeup much because her skin basically looks fine without it. But she does wear it sometimes, and the only reason is to protect herself from skin cancer (it killed her father). Unfortunately, they don't seem to make ordinary makeup that is much good at blocking ultraviolet light.

And of course you know that ordinary sun-block creams look just awful, and are socially acceptable only because people know what the ugly stuff is for.

So, obviously, there should be a wide market for makeup that also works as a good sun-block. That would include transparent makeup for those who are satisfied with their skin condition.

I put this in the Lipstick category because that is probably the most-commonly-used makeup of all. But don't neglect the other types of makeup, please!

Vernon, Apr 01 2013

Chapstick Ultra Skin Protectant/Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 30 http://www.drugstor...alm-spf-30/qxp15800
[tatterdemalion, Apr 01 2013]


       [marked-for-deletion] Widely known to exist. Google “SPF makeup” to find not only plenty of different kinds, but reviews and articles about their efficacy. Also, most sunblock is transparent once it's applied, so I have no idea what you're talking about.   

       Anyway, transparent lipstick that provides sun protection is already widely marketed—you know it as ChapStick.
ytk, Apr 01 2013

       Lipgloss? Or just move to the UK, or another benighted area.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 01 2013

       Likewise, [marked-for-deletion]: widely known to exist. Moisturizers, foundations, lipsticks and so forth with sunscreen are very widely available and well known. If you Google 'lipstick with sunscreen' you get umpteen hits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 01 2013

       All I can say in response to your MFDs is that the lady in question indicated that those things feel different from (worse than) ordinary makeup, on the skin. Personally, I wouldn't know.   

       But I do know that manufacturers of almost anything want you to buy what they sell, not necessarily what the prospective customer actually wants to buy.
Vernon, Apr 01 2013

       I have to third the MFD. I'm not sure what makes this different from sun block either (less coconut scent?) I am also skeptical that regular makeup provides any UV protection.
DIYMatt, Apr 04 2013


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