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More Sophisticated Lip Pomade Flavors

Because Kissing Isn't Kid Stuff
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I know i posted "More Exotic Lip Gloss Flavors" about a year back, but this is a variation on that theme. Flavored moisturizing lip pomades/lip glosses can be a kissing enhancer, but unfortunately, these cosmetic delights have gotten a reputation for being a "teenybopper" item, a preparation used only by girls too young for "real" lipstick. Well, how about more "sophisticated" and "grown-up" cocktail, cordial, and fancy-dessert flavors to bring this scrumptious and sensuous beauty staple beyond the training-bra crowd. If I was manufuacturing such a product, I would call them Cocktail Kisses and package them in sleek black-and-silver containers. Flavors like Brandy Alexander, Creme DeMenthe, Long Island Iced Tea, Blackberry Brandy, Tiramisu, Eclair, and After Dinner Mint. A classy, upscale taste and tint to suit your every mood -- and your partner's! (However, I must say I myself prefer cherry, cinnamon, and cola, but those flavors, unfortunately, ARE associated with the training-bra crowd)
LaSparkster, Jan 16 2003


       hello Sparki, had a good year?
po, Jan 16 2003

       //(However, I must say I myself prefer cherry, cinnamon, and cola)//   

       All at the same time?
yamahito, Jan 16 2003

       No, yamahito, separately. Although, guys just might find the taste of cinna-cherry-cola intriguing . . .
LaSparkster, Jan 16 2003

       Try this: If I thought there was a high probability I'd be kissed that night, I'd let a few drops of honey soak in my mouth for awhile. Not too much; not enough to make her actually comment; just enough to add some unspoken curiosity as to why I'm always so sweet.
RayfordSteele, Jan 16 2003

       When I kiss a girl, all I want to taste is girl.
rowlycat, Jan 16 2003

       Yes, but what *flavor* of girl?
snarfyguy, Jan 16 2003

       Nope, not gonna say it.   

       But you sure as hell thought it [2 fries] :)
skinflaps, Jan 17 2003

       My favourite flavour of girl is wine and cigarettes. Mmm-mm.
sild, Jan 17 2003

       Booze and ash? Blech.
madradish, Jan 17 2003

       //When I kiss a girl, all I want to taste is girl.//   

       Where are you kissing her? You do know not to do that in public, don't you?
yamahito, Jan 17 2003

       Sugar and spice and champagne on ice. That's what girl tastes like.
FarmerJohn, Jan 17 2003

       Flavour of girl... isn't that a bit like the colour of money?
Jinbish, Jan 17 2003

       Actually, Jinbish, it's TASTE OF A WOMAN, followup to SCENT OF A WOMAN
LaSparkster, Jan 20 2003

       Girl tastes pretty. Point being, when kissing, I want to be kissing, maybe thinking complex thoughts like, "Wow!", not going, "Is that is that... cherry bublegum flavour?... no, no, it's more sophisticated than that... it must be... hey, wait, single-malt scotch..." Is that what you want someone thinking about at that moment?   

       Lip gloss should be reserved as a a sensory reminder/warning that you're dating age-inappropriately.
rowlycat, Jan 20 2003


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