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Horse Loves Dream Farm

Make a farm ... design your own horses ... WOW i would love it .. !!
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This game would be all about HORSES .. and pets .. you could buy or design your OWN farm/barn ... design how ever many pets you wanted chooseing from thousands of patterns ,colors, fur types, eye colors, body tone ... ect .. and then make your dream into a fanisety .. By showing your animals .. dressing then up .. doing there hair ( main tails .. fur .. nails .. adding ribbions ect .. ) , takeing then places , rideing them ( horses) , training them .. breeding them ... showing them ..grooming them ... and best of all loveing them ... But this game would be different from any other ... You wouldent just have some computerized brush .. or hand doing everything for you ... You would actually make a person ... and do EVERYTHING by your self ... such as driveing places .. training your animals .... Ect... And when ever they had babies they would show then haveing them ... not like those cheep games where they just go Poof .. there they are .. Well ... please vote for this to hopefully happen .. i kno i would want this to happen ..
blondebikerbabe123, Jan 02 2005

Lucky Horseshoe Tack Room Special http://www.hearthso...0&bc=1005&pgc=1343&
[Klaatu, Jan 02 2005]

Sick horse http://www.vetmed.u...mages/severe_lg.jpg
[bungston, Jan 02 2005]


       You made my day, biker babe!
FarmerJohn, Jan 02 2005

       Alert! Alert! Cynic shields down in sector B! Little girl loose in the 'Bakery! Hide the fishbones! Everybody on your best behaviour! (+)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 02 2005

       1. What sort of game? Computer simulation? Board game? Dress-up clothes you put on your friends?

       2. Who's going to shovel the virtual horse-poo?

       3. Who's going to pay the ferrier, the vet, the feed guy at the co-op and the tack shop?

       4. We don't vote for "things to happen" at the bakery, but on the merits of the idea itself. Yours needs some work.
lintkeeper2, Jan 02 2005

       This is a beautiful snarky criticism of halfbakery for being little more than a dog and pony show. +
Laughs Last, Jan 02 2005

       [CF] Your anno caused me to hold back from making sarky comments ("...cheep games where they just go Poof"!).
hippo, Jan 02 2005

       "design your own horses" - 0kay, my one has wheels and can play chess, but how do I make it fly?
DrCurry, Jan 02 2005

       Gets my vote, as long as you get to save your horse to a memory card and have it do battle against your friend's horse. Or maybe just race it; whatever's your idea of fun.
spiritualized, Jan 02 2005

       Sim-Ranch. Not a bad idea, really, but your eye-melting writing style keeps me from bunning it. Honestly, just one period at the end of each sentence is enough, and there's a button called the "comma" right next to it on your keyboard.   

       Also, as [lintkeeper2] said, we at the 'bakery have no power to make anything happen (sadly). We just say whether it's a good idea or not.
5th Earth, Jan 02 2005

       What is the breeding went bad and the progeny had problems? Or the horse got sick? Would you have to put them down? I went to look at some horses the other day, and one had a bad infection on its leg. I linked a picture that looked sort of like it. If this game strives for complete realism, and has birth and love, it should have pain and death to complete the circle. Now that would be quite a game.
bungston, Jan 02 2005

       eeeew .bungston. mutant sim ranch
benfrost, Jan 03 2005

       I think this genre has spawned unicorns, pegasus, fantasy mounted white knights, and the Trojan Horse. I'm certain there are other creations but the world could obviously use a few more. If this is a sim game, the first person modeling stand should allow the steed's rider or companion to be bedecked in appropriate garb for the setting.
reensure, Jan 03 2005

       ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha!   

skinflaps, Jan 04 2005

       Perhaps we could use inkjet technology to nanoprint them.
RayfordSteele, Feb 03 2005


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