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Halloween vampire shaped bat house

House bats and be spooky with them
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Voice, Aug 26 2020

Build a bat house https://www.nwf.org...r/build-a-bat-house
Somehow they left out the vampire part [kdf, Aug 26 2020]


       [+] and easy to implement by attaching a silhouette to the outer face of an existing bat house (most have a boxy shape). Did you want the vampire silhouette to be in "bat" or "Count Dracula" shape?
kdf, Aug 26 2020

       Would prefer bat shaped vampire house
pocmloc, Aug 26 2020

       Now if you could have a way to make the house seem to disappear when the bats flew out, you'd have something. Or you wouldn't because it disappeared... or something.
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2020


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