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G-Force Gyro Camera

Pics of accidents
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I was just thinking, as I ran across a busy street Christmas morning with a camera that I didn't use, what would happen if I got hit by a car? Would anyone other then the driver notice I got hit? What would I look like as I flew through the air? What is the square root of 2X * 3R where X is an imaginery number and R is 45? And the ever popular, who pushed me? I also though that a good way to see what all was going on around me would be to make a camera that would turn on and take pictures until the film or memory was all used if the G's were high enough or if it was spinning at a certian speed. So now, if I was using one of these camera's, after I got hit by the car the camera would start flying through the air, spinning and taking pictures. Now, after the film was devloped, all the world would see that I would look like an ungainly llama flying through the air. Would also be useful for mountain type accidents, plane type accidents, clumsy people, and the ever popular washing machine of death.
barnzenen, Dec 26 2001

Leisure Town http://www.leisuret...ries/living/biking/
“balance blackout” n. (1) falling over without reason, (2) unable to clear even the sidewalk [thumbwax, Sep 13 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Spherical Camera http://gizmodo.com/...-ball-cam/gallery/1
Someone's baked this, sort of [barnzenen, Oct 14 2011]

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       Don't forget the 'Sit-n-Spin of Nausea', the 'Tilt-a-Whirl of Hurl' and the 'Broken-Bungy-Cord of Oh S#!t'.
phoenix, Dec 26 2001

       bliss, I thought you meant gynaecologist ugh
po, Dec 26 2001

       On a more practical note, if your car ever went over the side of a mountain this camera could tell the investigators that an 18-wheeler nudged you or that you are an incompetent driver.
barnzenen, Dec 27 2001

       that is such a comfort
po, Dec 27 2001

thumbwax, Sep 13 2002

       Well, seems like this has been baked, sort of. Link.
barnzenen, Oct 14 2011

       Videos like this are popular on meme sites, and although the save the resource until the wild Gs happen remains new now massive storage and better batteries make full time recording better and easier.
beanangel, Nov 07 2018


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