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GPS beacon holster

This is best made optional, as people will buy it anyway, for the peace of mind
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1. its a holster

2. you holster stuff... like guns

3. As soon as you take the gun off the holster, it activates a small electronic GPS beacon. (it has a latch, to prevent accidental activation)

4. The beacon vibrate on your holster silently, for 15 secs before calling the police emergency line. 5. If the time limit passes, the beacon then starts transmitting the GPS location every 10 secs, and triangulation assisting radio signal.

6. If you want to use the gun for a shooting range. Just press the disarm button. The green light will flash for the duration it is disabled. (a hard switch is located at the battery bay, for storage)

The idea is that you carry this gun around (e.g. witness protection.) and as soon as you are attacked, you pull the gun out and have the police come immediately to your location. (Witness protection version disables the 'disable alarm button' to prevent abuse)

The good thing is that it allows you to focus on getting your gun on the threat, instead of also fumbling for a phone.

Higher end versions may also contain audio, or even visual recorders

mofosyne, Oct 06 2010

GPS beacons http://www.google.c...t=i&cr=&safe=images
As with anything, there are technology changes over generations and cost ranges that affect range and response systems [normzone, Oct 06 2010]


       Goddammit why fishbone? Its not mandatory, and its usage is similar to those GPS emergency beacons for campers.   

       This can actually save the life of the holster wearer!
mofosyne, Oct 06 2010

       If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.   

       If life gives you fishbones, put them in a padded bag and send them to the tax office with inadequate postage. They hate that.
8th of 7, Oct 06 2010

       Just one question - what is a "GPS beacon"? The only ones I've seen orbit about 11000 miles away and are, sort of, big, heavy and expensive.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 06 2010

       Turns out it's not bacon.
zeno, Oct 06 2010

       So it's kosher?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 06 2010

       //Goddammit why fishbone?//   

       This needs the Cartmen "Goddammit" emoticon.   


       Not a bad idea though, to have some kind of radio signal sent out showing a weapon was drawn and where. Just not sure about the application. False silent alarms are a big problem in law enforcement and unless it's the President or someone else whose life actually matters (namely, not the rest of us) they probably wouldn't be thrilled about this.   

       Something in a holster with a built in speaker phone that automatically dials 911 when the weapon is drawn so they can hear what's going on might have it's place.
doctorremulac3, Oct 06 2010


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