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Front 'n Center Holster

A pistol in my pocket, _and_ I'm happy to see you!
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Gunslingers! Gangbangers! Occupiers! Like your side arm but embarrassed of your hip holster? Do your holstered hips make you look like Venus of Wittendorf? Do your twin boys produce a frisson of fear when you tuck your pistol in your waistband? Do conquered peoples snigger at you? Do you need a manlier way to pack your heat?

Here it is! BUNGCO is sort of proud to introduce the Front 'n Center Holster! This holster carries your pistol right down in front, pointed out and away from any of your own tender bits. The holster has a precut hole in front, and the back is a magnesium codpiece, allowing you to _really_ shoot from the hip. Best of all, the Front 'n Center has clips to allow two, three, or more holsters to be clipped together side by side. Throw out that ankle holster! Get that dagger out of your boot! Flaunt your bad tools out where people can see you mean business. Potential enemies will look at you long and hard before starting anything. Order now!

bungston, Apr 17 2006




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