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Gauze Rifle Ammunition

Immediately packs the wound with sterile dressing.
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Ammunition should again include wadding, but delivering a wad of surgical gauze into the wound following the bullet. The gauze would travel slower than the bullet as it expands during travel, packing the wound upon contact with the target. These will be known as gauze rifles.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012


       Rather defeats the object by reducing the noble God given right of mindless slaughter to that of a game of paint ball. Bang. Gotchya! Your dead. Count to a hundred.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 20 2012

       Never mind the paradox, would it actually save lives if it worked?
leinypoo13, Sep 20 2012

       No idea, but I think a super absorbent tampon would work great for blood.   

       Maybe a multilayered round could be produced that first sterilizes the area to be shot with chemical, then the bullet strikes, then the wadding, then surgical staples, then some ointment, all occuring within a fraction of a second. I think high speed video of this would be interesting. A portable printer mounted to the weapon prints a get well soon card.
rcarty, Sep 20 2012

       //A portable printer mounted to the weapon prints a get well soon card.//   

       [+] for this alone!
Wrongfellow, Sep 20 2012

       The printer should also produce an arrest warrant and WANTED posters for the person shooting the gun, customised with their mugshot as captured by the on-board camera.
pocmloc, Sep 20 2012

       Also, lawyers may want to have themselves ground up, this way they could be the first to get to the client. Ultimate in ambulance chaser technology.
leinypoo13, Sep 20 2012


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