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GPS with accident stats

deadly intersection 300ft ahead
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1. loading GPS enabled pda's with accident statistics of highly dangerous intersections , turns , etc where many people have been killed - to make this even better make it RELATIVE to the amount of traffic passing in the area on average.

2. loading GPS enabled pda's with special warnings such as 'there's a stop sign right after this turn' etc.

drivers could choose between 'annoying' warning mode, which would be good for the paranoid and newly-licensed drivers, and light mode, for extremely important warnings ('according to physics laws,going over..80..mph would make it impossible to take the tight turn...600..ft..ahead without...falling into the canyon')

supershnitzel, Sep 19 2006


       I believe this is actually a rather sensible and viable idea!   

       Are you sure this belongs in the halfbakery?
DesertFox, Sep 19 2006

       "Oh look Daddy! Look! The GPS thingy is saying something!"
"Oh my, so it is my little buttercup. Let me avert my eyes from the road for a moment while I examine this a little more closely."
<screeee!> <whump> <crash!> <bang!> <tinkle> <scawrawrawrawrawrarararrrrrt> (that's the noise that happens when a round thing spins about its edge, like a spinning penny coming to an eventual stop)

       Actually I like the idea, but would only personally use the 'light' mode - trouble is, if it ever came on, it would almost be too late already.
zen_tom, Sep 19 2006

       Baked? If you download one of the many Speed Camera databases - As they're ALWAYS in accident blackspots... Aren't they?
Dub, Sep 19 2006

       //As they're ALWAYS in accident blackspots... Aren't they?//   

       Heh, nice sarcasm. Research was published this week that seems to prove (finally) a direct link between increased accident and injury rates and the use of cameras. In other words, cameras make roads more dangerous!   

       As zen_tom says, it is yet another disctraction and a reliance on electronics when most drivers need convincing to actually LOOK at the road, read well ahead and take notice of what they see, not rely on another piece of electronics. There has been a recent case here in the UK where a bridge was closed and completely removed. People were so fixated onb their GPS that they had on average two incidients a day where drivers drive straight into the water off of the non-existent bridge because they trusted the GPS more than their own eyes.   

       Also, reasearch has proven that 75% of drivers think their driving ability is "above average" and that "it is everyone else who is at fault". I feel, becuase of this, there would be too much of a tendancy for reactions such as "well, it says 20mph for this bend, but I'm a good driver, I can handle it at 50..... CRUNCH!!" Or "I drive <insert flashy car name here> which handles much better than the average car so that does not apply to me ...... SPLAT!"   

       It is also well known that the human brain does not deal well with negative reinforcement or negative ideas, it has a tendancy to blank them out. How about a system that gives some form of positive reinforcement for good driving instead of focusing on accident figures which is a wholly negative reinforcement. Maybe we could have a device that tells you "well done, you planned well ahead and drove round that bend really well."   

       I have an idea about this that I might just post......
webfishrune, Sep 19 2006

       well your'e right <fishrune> but remember this system is for people who -want- warnings in the first place.   

       I see this mainly for new drivers and grannies , who don't have this ego problem.   

       I myself am not sure how I would use the system, but remember-- accident stats are usually NOT written on the road signs! so it wouldn't make a difference how much attention you payed.   

       this is definately not for the guy with the <insert flashy car name here>   

       and yes, your idea about POSITIVE feedback is great for new drivers too!
supershnitzel, Sep 20 2006


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