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non-stop traffic

Using lights to indicate ‘travelling safe zones’ so cars don’t need to stop at intersections
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Note: this is a variation/extension of "scrolling roadside illumination" by [hippo].

Every road would have directional illuminators embedded in the road and curb (so could only be viewed by oncoming traffic) which would indicate a safe zone to be driving in. e.g. if you can see green illumination in front of you and beside you, you’re in a safe zone.

The safe zones would be for example 20 metres long and interspersed between unsafe zones of similar length.

The travelling safe zones would move at a fairly constant speed on each road (say 60km/h).

The safe zones would move such that they would never overlap at an intersection.

xaviergisz, Apr 18 2006

Scrolling_20roadsid...mination#1064077200 [xaviergisz, Apr 18 2006]

MIT: Red lights could someday be a thing of the past http://www.computer...traffic-lights.html
[xaviergisz, Mar 20 2016]


       good point [BrauBeaton]. there are two types of turning: left turns (not crossing traffic) and right turns (crossing traffic).   

       Left turning is easy to deal with since you only have to be in a green zone by the time you reach the next intersection (giving plenty of time to speed up or slow down into the closest green zone). simple 'outside' turning lanes should suffice.   

       Right turning might require 'inside' turning lanes and turning traffic lights. Right turning might also require 'blue' zones every three green zones which are completely empty of all traffic giving turning traffic a chance to get in phase with the traffic.
xaviergisz, Apr 18 2006

       sounds interesting, but what if you are forced to leave your safe zone (let's say you have to slow down for a pedestrian) ... will the safe zone just leave you behind in the danger zone?
ixnaum, Apr 22 2006

       Also, I must trust that everyone else is travelling in a green zone, else my green zone suddenly becomes a danger zone. Thus I'll be nervous at least my first few times crossing through an intersection, and might slow down instinctively and get out of the green zone, getting hit by an oncoming truck... and therefore I'd never trust the green zones to be accurate, since I'd know that the newbies crossing my path might drive the way I would.   

       Kind of a chicken and egg problem.
michaeltherobot, Apr 22 2006

       It's a coo idea but humans just aren't up to that.
Voice, Mar 20 2016


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