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traffic smoother

A heads up to the traffic around the corner for greater consistant speed.
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A simple red-green-red led status line on this dashboard device gives an overview of your own speed relative to the monster line that is highway traffic congestion.

Underlying the simple idea of keeping your car speed in the green to make all the traffic go faster lies a very complex system.The devices have to swarm with each other, They have to interrogate a central predictive overview (a proper job for quantum computing) and, probably the most crucial, each device has to learn it's drivers quirky style and alter it's output for the good of the green.

Initially only a few units will be deployed but even these sprinkled through the traffic chain will have a buffering effect.This big data technology will be useful for humans but a huge resource for autonomous vehicles coming on stream.

Though, as a free willed human you still do have the freedom to disregard collective good and drive in your slot as lawfully strange as you want.

wjt, Nov 14 2018


       Imagines it being hacked..... as everything eventually does.
xenzag, Nov 14 2018

       You don't need a device to smooth out traffic waves. Just drive at the traffic's average speed, constantly.
notexactly, Nov 14 2018

       We are disappointed to discover that this isn't a gigantic metal roller that simply crushes everything in front of it.
8th of 7, Nov 14 2018

       Some places on the motorways, the curve, the traffic scenery or even just otherside accidents just need the smoother to indicate to keep the gas on.
wjt, Nov 16 2018


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