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Highway Traffic Jam Indication

Signs that warn a driver for slow traffic ahead
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Alot of accidents happen when a traffic jam begins, drivers hit there brakes to late, don't brake at all and hit the car in front of them or they miss the next car with inches.

I think it would be safer to create some sort of speed indicator (i'm sure that's possible) that'll communicate with electronic traffic indicators in the car, maybe a sound warning, a flash light or something else, something that will be noticed any time.

enveekaa, Jul 20 2000

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       How about signs every mile or so reading:


       Automated radar guns would update this constantly.
centauri, Jul 20 2000

       They have small area radio interuptions in England warning of traffic ahead and cites alternate routes...   

       SO it sorta is like this... but you're idea of including speed sure is half baked material!
woottond, Jul 20 2000

       to centauri   

       You mean signs above/next to the highway? They allready exist over here and almost everybody seems to ignore them. So I figured, why not a in-car sound/light warning.. would probably be more difficult to ignore.   

       to mika_ranta   

       Your idea is based on road signs outside the car, and my point is that, roadsigns are ignored most of the time. Road signs that warn you for slow traffic ahead allready exist.
enveekaa, Jul 21 2000

       to hippo - read the idea *carefully* its not about the technology to detect jams/slow traffic its about how to get the info to the driver.
enveekaa, Jul 25 2000

       This idea would work very well with a Heads Up Display (HUD). Coupled with a sound warning, the 'sign' you mentioned could also be programmed to display on the HUD. Couple this with woottond's and centauri's ideas and it might be workable.   

       Now all we need is a delivery system and cars with HUDs.
BigThor, Aug 05 2000

       Good addition to this halfbakery BigThor ;) It would be very hard, if not impossible to oversee such warning.
enveekaa, Aug 08 2000

       How 'bout if there was a thing that let you know you were going too slow (or too fast) by giving you a good bop in the head or a swift kick in the pants? Then everyone would go the speed limit and drive safer out of fear of their car beating the snookies outta them.
ichinichi, Jun 30 2001


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